Winter Forest Discs- Handmade Ceramic Earrings - Sterling Silver

$50.00 $65.00

When we made these earrings we wanted to capture the essence of solitude in a winter’s forest. You may be transported to a Mediterranean beach with deep green oceans along the beach line. You may just be enamoured by the colours, showcasing a deep green blue. 

Whatever the case these earrings were made with love and have a high quality finish. Made from porcelain, each individual colour has been treated and the colour added to the clay in differing amounts making the pattern run all the way through the porcelain. Hand crafted and shaped, the earring then go through a series of refinement including sanding at each step of the design. 

The pieces are then fired and sanded and polished again by hand to make a velvety smooth surface. The earrings are finished with sterling silver fixtures. The earrings are light weight and thin making them pleasant to wear in the ears.

The earrings are approx. 35mm tall and 25mm wide.