Rosemary & Mint Conditioner



This luxurious concentrated conditioner will leave your hair feeling smooth and silky.

Conditioners and most moisturisers are made with palm oil derivatives. There are around 30 different names used for palm oil derived products, making them hard to spot in an ingredient list.

This lovely conditioner is the result of years of meticulous research and formulation and it is completely free of palm oil and all palm oil derivatives. There are very few other conditioners on the market that can make this claim (try googling for palm oil free conditioner).

Scented with essential oils of Rosemary & Mint.
Free from palm oil and palm oil derivatives; free from sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrance and mineral oil.
* This product is one of the very few that we don't make by hand here at Washpool Farm. Shampoo & Conditioner are specialist formulations and we don't claim to have the qualification to create these products. We're specialists in what we do and our wonderful suppliers are specialists when it comes to formulating super gentle organic shampoo and palm oil free conditioners.